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Talented Voice Actress


Maureen Boutilier is an experienced voice actress with a wide range of voices from male to female, ages 6-80. Her work experience includes audiobooks, web dramas, anime dubs, video games, as well as live action films. Get in touch today.



(214) 549-1751


Areas of Practice


Maureen uses her versatile voice to bring life to unique and memorable characters. Her work ranges from Anime dubbing, to video games including Lunar Descent, a mod for Half-Life 2, and Dramas she performs with the Online Stage and Misfits Audio Theatre 


Maureen also stars in short films such as That Night (2015), appears in feature-length films including LBJ (2017) and James Franco's mini series11.22.63 and as an extra on television in Friday Night Lights, Dallas, and Salem. 


Maureen also narrates commercials and audiobooks including Sultana and Tilting, which are sold on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. 

Voiceover for a Good Cause

Maureen has also dedicated her time and voice to children, by reading to them in schools, and the seeing impaired as a Reading Ambassador with the organization Reading and Radio Resource. 


In addition to her talents in front of the microphone, Maureen is an exceptional voice over producer. Equipped with her own custom built onsite recording studio- Maureen can edit, produce and deliver fully developed recordings on the tightest of deadlines! 



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