Voice Talent with over 5 years experience



Voice Age Range - 6-80

                Male – youth,  pre-teen, and old-aged
                Female  - youth through old-aged   

                AudioBooks  sold on Amazon and iTunes -


                                               Halloween Boo #1  

                                               On Grandma's Porch


               The Online Stage -   

        December Twine 

        Twelfth Night

        Ever Young

        Protégée of a Mistress

        His Luck

        The Time is Not Yet Ripe                                                    

   Web Dramas - 

Misfits Audio Theater

Balancing Act


 Jim Nolin

          Milly Foster

          The Administration

          Strange Stories

Pendant Audio Theatre

         Seminar 69

         Seminar 74

     Anime  (English dubs) -

       Gash/Zatch Bell

       FZero GP Legend  


             Video Games -

              Command and Conquer Mod- "Rise of the Reds": Grumble, Twin Fang 

    Half-Life 2 Mod- "Lunar Descent": Ingrid Kell 




That Night: Mother

LBJ: The Babushka Lady

The Iceman: Juror 

I Saw the Light : Featured Extra

Mangus!: Featured Extra 

Language of a Broken Heart: Featured Extra 


“Scandal Made Me Famous”: White House Staff

 “The Leftovers” Seasons 2,3: Guilty Remnant  

“Salem” Season 2: Dead, Bostonian, Salemite

“Dallas”  Seasons 1,2,3: featured and stand in 

 “Salvation”  Pilot: featured

“Two to Go”  Pilot: featured 

 “One Heart”: Fan                

“The Lying Game”  episodes 9, 10, 11: Extra          

“Queen of the South”: Extra

 “Friday Night Lights”: Fan                     

Performance Skills: Voice Over, narration, manuals, video, dubbing,

Acting and Improv                                                                

Accents: British, Spanish, Southern, New York, French
                Voice Over - Cliff Zellman

                Voice Over/Characters - Patrick Fraley

                Voice Over/Characters - Tony Oliver

                Voice Over/Characters -  Marc Cashman